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Our purchasing team is looking forward to start a pleasant and lasting business relationship with you.

PurchaseWith years of experience they have an unrivalled ability to convert opportunities into a structural partnership with you, the manufacturer. Their numerous international contacts, providing them with insight into the portfolios of hundreds of manufacturers, generate new opportunities for sales and distribution outside of the traditional sales channels.


An important prerequisite for a good collaboration with manufacturers like you is the fact that, when desired, we are always open about the final destination of your products. Primarily, it remains our responsibility to ensure that the local market is not disrupted by the products we supply.

The way we work is characterised by openness and transparency. Selling good volumes in markets where this is not disruptive and consequently achieving increased turnover and improved brand recognition are essential components of our mission.

Surplus stock

Every year, all manufacturers have to deal with surplus stock. This is usually caused by overproduction, insufficient shelf life for regular sales, surplus packaging, etc. Through Brand Masters, your surplus stock finds the right path to the consumer.

Why is Brand Masters your ideal partner for the sale of surplus stock?

  • We bid on every lot, large or small.
  • If desired, we provide transparency regarding the final destination of your product.
  • Using our many years of knowledge and experience, we offer realistic prices for your products.
  • We can arrange for the goods to be picked up and transported from any place in the world!
  • We are a creditworthy partner.

We’ve become the preferred buyer for surplus stock of many manufacturers. The open way we collaborate provides great confidence in the distribution of their carefully-developed brands.

New products

We also work together with manufacturers to develop new products. And of course, these involve the kind of volumes that manufacturers are happy to see. In practice this means that your products are sold via thousands of new sales channels all over the world.

Do want to get more out of your portfolio? To develop new sales channels for your products? Would you like to sell large volumes in markets that you can’t approach via traditional sales channels? Are you looking for an inspiring partner that will help you look at your products and the market in a completely different way?

If so, then send us an email at or call 00 31 162 763414.