Market Insights


Basically, our business is simple: we present seductive (food) products in atypical places in non-food retail. These are places where manufacturers do not normally practice their business, and consequently do not have a network or expertise. And the retailer does not feel any affinity with the products. For both it is not their core business, but they can still make a healthy margin on them.

We do not only offer manufacturers our extensive network of non-food retailers, but also help them present their product successfully. After all, the impulse moment requires specific packaging, dimensions and timing. Our purpose is not a quick deal, but a lasting relationship. In other words: as quick as possible and as controlled as necessary.

This also applies to our relationship with the retailer. Together, we want to make the right match between his regular range of products and the assortment outside that range. The process from first contact until delivery do not have to take more than a few weeks: that is our strength.

We take a strategic position between manufacturer and retailer. Our commitments are as durable as our business can be quick. At senior management level we think along about investments in the concepts we develop together and which we implement to the minutest detail. In fact, we provide additional turnover without risks, because we know from our own experience that the impulse moments we create will ensure extra turnover.


Food & Drinks


The greatest temptation of course comes from A-brands. You recognise a Mars from a distance and a bag of M&Ms smiles at you from afar. We supply all those brands, some even exclusively. This way, we can put together an appropriate assortment of renowned brands for every retailer. And we go beyond that: we offer the same temptation as a private label as well, creating a unique brand all our own, customised to the wishes of the consumer. For instance, we already marketed our own private labels Sweet Petites and Favora’s successfully.



Thanks to the development of the niche market and our expertise we see growing opportunities for broadening the supply, and in non-food. This concerns specific products that are of course an addition to the regular assortment of the retailer in question. And just as in food we work exclusively with the absolute A-brands. We know by now that the element of surprise and the seductive power do their job here as well, when well-chosen, packaged and presented. That still is a discipline on its own.