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About us

Brand Masters is specialised in the development and distribution of food products, particularly chocolate and sweets.


Our ambition is to improve the familiarity of chocolate and sweets.


We bring together the entire international world of chocolate and sweets in a single company. We use this position to inspire our suppliers, clients, and employees in the development of new products and new distributionchannels.

Core values

Our mission and vision are supported by the following core values:

  • Inspiration

We want our internal staff to work in an inspiring environment in which their talents can be fully utilised. This allows our employees to inspire both clients and suppliers in the development of their range of brands.

  • Synergy

Synergy is the optimal form of collaboration. We achieve this by creating close relationships with both suppliers and customers.

  • Sustainability

From synergy arise long-term relationships. We take good care of the things we’ve built up, and as such, we strive for sustainable relationships.