About us



The specific services we provide in a relatively new niche market require various qualities and characters. But if we have to pick one out that really makes us into what we are, it would undoubtedly be: drive. We have a tremendous need for building synergetic relationships. A drive that is reminiscent of top sport.

Everyone is given the freedom and responsibility to be an entrepreneur in their own field. A good idea always deserves a chance. We think you will perform optimally if you feel good and can be yourself. This applies to our employees, but we also look for it in our contacts with manufacturers, retailers and other relations. This way, we gather people around us, with whom we would love to conquer the world.

Top sport means: wanting to win every day. But it also means that we do what we like most. Anyone who visits us will see smiling faces and notices immediately that our locations breathes fun. We create products, packaging and concepts. We take clients and suppliers with us on a new journey. We cannot think of anything more fun.




With our activities we have an impact on people, profit & planet. It is our responsibility to make that impact as positive as possible. For that reason we have equipped a complete gym in our office. That is why we always serve a wholesome lunch, even though we like sweets. That is why we proudly connect our name to good causes, both locally and internationally, from the local sports club to Kika and Swim to Fight Cancer. And that is why we try to achieve the highest quality certificates both in our accommodation and work processes.