We Are Brand Masters


If you present the right product at the right moment at the right place, it will sell itself. For this reason, we develop seductive food, drinks and non-food concepts, in surprising places in non-food retail (for example discounters, DIY shops and multimedia shops). These ensure additional turnover for the retailer and an additional sales channel for the producer. We are specialised in that niche market and we are masters at it. Brand Masters.

Specific food products, but also a growing number of Home & Personal Care products, are ideal for sale in atypical places. Places where you would not expect them. This surprise is part of the impulse moment, next to price and presentation. That one impulsive moment is the best marketing moment we know. We are masters of all aspects that influence that moment.

In this niche market of non-food retail we make the difference with strategic partnerships with both the manufacturer and the non-food retailer. We add value by a reliable operation and loyal commerce. Not only considerable investments in process, logistics and quality which result in operational excellence. We also have an unmatched marketing force, with people who can build a strategic business case.

Within non-food retail we distinguish various types of clients. Some demand operational strength and vigour, others want to be unburdened and supported in unknown areas. It is our goal to create a close collaboration with both. And we really push that, because we believe in the power of a personal relationship.