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Are you looking to get additional turnover and profit from your retail formula? How about getting this from attractive A-class brands with a guaranteed fast turnaround time?

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Our purchasing team is looking forward to start a pleasant and lasting business relationship with you.

Product development

product ontwikkeling

We also work together with manufacturers to develop new products. And of course, these involve the kind of volumes that manufacturers are happy to see.

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Brand Masters is a company specialising in the development and distribution of foodstuffs, particularly chocolate and confectionery.

Brand Masters BVThanks to our many years of experience, we are able to direct the products of manufacturers towards a variety of sales channels. Together with the manufacturers, and based on their existing assortments, we develop products that can be sold at a competitive price.

Our distribution network consists of many types of sales channels. As a result, we examine the products from various perspectives. We see opportunities, and our prime aim is to establish stable and reliable trading relationships. We create synergy with suppliers and customers alike, enabling us to work together to expand the market for sales.

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